We help you to think better about the future

How we add value

We help you raise your strategy to the next level by the use of foresight tools and thinking in your strategic processes.

We work with small and large organisations, whole industries and communities. Some of our recent clients include public companies, councils, research organisations, agricultural industry sectors, community development organisations and training and not for profit organisations.

We transfer skills and capabilities to your organisation as we work with you.

Our Philosophy

We operate on the following principles:

No two clients are the same – we recognise your situation is unique and tailor our services to your needs.

Not all situations call for a complex approach – we only apply the tools that are relevant to your situation: simple tools for simple problems, more advanced approaches for complex problems.

First things first – we help you determine the nature of the issue: then we design an approach that meets your specific needs.

What others say about us…

We at Our Community have been running conferences of thought leadership for over 1000 people for sixteen years and the presentation by Paul Higgins was mesmerising.  His command of the topic and audience was inspiring, visionary, and practical. Paul stared into the future while also being grounded in takeaways for every person in the audience.  Paul Higgins is not just highly recommended, he is a must see and must experience speaker.” 

Denis MoriartyGroup Managing Director, Our Community
Denis Moriarty
Denis Moriarty

“Every organisation like ours needs someone like Paul Higgins to come in every couple of years and shake up established thinking, present new ideas and really challenge the organisation about its future business model and strategies. We are a different and much better organisation because of his involvement. “

Stella Avramopolous
Stella AvramopolousCEO: Kildonan Uniting CareKildonan Uniting Care

“Paul Higgins recent presentation at Mindshop’s annual Australasian / New Zealand advisor conference entitled: ‘Bringing the future into your advisory practice’ was excellent on many fronts. Paul’s ability to simplify the complexity out of the topics he covered and his practical insights on future trends resonated very well with our attendees. Paul also managed to tailor the messages he delivered to our target audience and to the overall conference theme which ensured a strong start to our conference. Thank you again for a great presentation.”

James Mason
James MasonManaging Director Mindshop Mindshop

It was a genuine pleasure working with Paul Higgins (of Emergent Futures) on the energy security workshop for the Australian Sugar Milling Council recently.  Paul brought incredible professionalism to the role – a great balance of foresight, planning, engagement and rigour, resulting in a well executed workshop.  However the real value of Paul’s involvement was based on his willingness to dig deeper into the issue, challenge industry and individual thinking – right down to post workshop follow up, and providing further strategy clarification.  I’d welcome the opportunity to work with Paul again.

Sharon Denny
Sharon DennySenior Executive Officer, Government & Business Development Australian Sugar Milling Council Australian Sugar Milling Council

“Paul brought a higher level of thought to participants, lifting thinking from the usual annual cycle to challenge us on how we were responding to opportunities that already existed. It brought context to what we see as the important things now. You could see people sit up as they thought about what we do and what we can do. He didn’t provide the answers, but empowered people to begin thinking of the questions our organisation needs to be asking ourselves “

John O’Connell
John O’ConnellCEO : Life Education Trust New ZealandLife Education Trust New Zealand

You definitely won’t get a ‘vanilla’ presentation when you engage Paul Higgins. Paul is very connected to the world we live in and will immerse himself in your business in preparation for your event and deliver a thought provoking and insightful view of future possibilities. My advice is not to just engage Paul for a keynote – the best part is the exchange of ideas across the room when the presentation has concluded and everyone has something to say. Thank you for energising our recent Leadership Retreat Paul.

Lisa Madden Group Manager, People & Culture, McPherson Media Group – McPherson Media Group
Lisa Madden
Lisa Madden