Sandy Teagle

Through her studies and experience, Sandy has developed a global perspective and awareness of trends and patterns that will influence future business, government, and industry environments. She has an understanding of industry dynamics, government processes, and common issues across industries.

Using foresight tools, Sandy enables others to think more strategically and develop new ways of thinking to create viable forward views and develop insights that can be used to successfully position organisations and industries for the future.

She has been involved in a variety of projects for the development of long-term strategic plans for industries including various horticulture sectors and the dairy industry. Sandy holds a degree in Agricultural Science, and a Masters of Strategic Foresight from the Australian Foresight Institute at Swinburne University in Melbourne.

Sandy has worked within the primary industries and government sectors for fifteen years, primarily in industry development, policy and planning roles. She has worked with the fishing and aquaculture industries in the Northern Territory, and Queensland dairy, sugar, fruit, vegetable, nursery, turf, cut flower, and landscape industries.