Red Teaming with Foresight

Red Teaming is the process of using a team separate from your strategic planning or project team to look for problems and improvements in your plans. The basic premise is that any group of people has blind spots and assumptions that can mean they cannot see some problems or opportunities no matter how smart they are. We can facilitate an internal group to do with for you or we can bring in a team of experts with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to challenge you.

Red Teaming has been around for a long time but has had a major resurgence in recent years in military and commercial areas following 9/11 and 2nd Gulf War.

The difference in our approach is that we add deep understanding and experience of foresight models and approaches to the deep technical experience of our team of outside experts.

If we work with you in a Red Teaming exercise then assembling the right team is critical, whether that team is internal or external. The wide experience and technical knowledge of our outside experts means we can assemble a bespoke team which is specific to your requirements.