Paul conducted an introductory workshop on Wardley Mapping and Foresight from Swinburne Foresight Graduates and invited guests

As always our presentations are designed to maximise value for people attending events in person but the key points were:

  • Leaders and organisations need to hold multiple pictures in their heads of what might happen in the future.
  • Using Wardley maps to map current, proposed and possible future landscapes is a great way to do that in order to communicate with others with a common framework and language.
  • Other tools can be used in conjunction with Wardley maps to think about user needs, business models, and strategy.
  • Wardley maps can be used to identify and prioritise future strategic decisions and build a scanning framework to help decide when those decisions should be made

Individuals interested in looking further into Wardley maps should follow Simon Wardley on Twitter or Contact Us for a discussion on how Wardley maps can imporve your foresight capacity