Paul Presented to the Leadership Group of Cardinia Shire on How to use Foresight for Strategy

The main points were:

Build multiple pictures of what the future might look like, including ones that look unlikely.

If your strategy in most or all of those future pictures is the same then implement your strategy.

If your strategy would be different in different futures then ask the following questions:

  • IF this future came true what would I do?
  • If this future came true when would I do it?
  • If this future came true how would I know when when is?

The extract the signposts of change that will help you understand what futures might be emerging.

Create a structured review process for both what might be emerging and your strategy and put that into formal reporting and meeting structures.

You can view the presentation by going to:

Here is what the Cardinia Shire organisers said about the presentation:

Thanks again for a great presentation yesterday at our Leadership Forum.

We already have people from the rest of the organisation asking for a recording after hearing about the session and seeing the interest from the chat