Paul presented to Samvaad India on what we can learn from China and platform strategy to apply to the not for profit sector

Key points were:

  • China is a fierce competitor for the rest of the world as detailed in this Leading Edge Foundation Report.
  • The not for profit sector need to build back after the COVID-19 pandemic with many small not for profit organisations under severe strain. 
  • This may cause an imbalance between large organisations that area  long way from the problems but have great resources and smaller organisations that are closer to the problems but have less resources.
  • Paul argued that this is a false dichotomy that can be dealt with by platform strategies that create ecosystems of large and small organisations solving problems in the sector.
  • Paul also argued that we have much to learn by looking at Chinese companies like Haier, not by copying what they do but by apply the first principles of what they do in new contexts in the sector.