Paul presented to one of the CEO Institute Syndicates on the Future for Business

The key points were:

  • We need foresight tools in order to discern insight from new patterns.
  • That we need to balance our intuition and our insight depending on the problems we face.
  • That we are going through several major system-wide transformations at the same time such as the conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the change from owned cars to electric driverless cars as a service, and climate change.
  • That inequality will be a major social issue over the next decade.
  • That automation and artificial intelligence and their effects on work will mean demand for people with high cognitive skills, high social empathy, and the ability to work in networks will skyrocket.
  • That the shift towards the right in global politics is a significant risk for global supply chains but that the voting systems in Australia will provide a dampening effect on that locally.