Paul Presented to the Australian Veterinary Association Conference on the Future for Veterinary Science

Paul presenting on stage at the AVA conference with the slide up ; The key points were:

  • You need to hold multiple pictures in your head and navigate your way to the future.
  • You need a model to do that – we use a combination of Wardley Mapping and Scenario Planning to produce rich maps of possible future landscapes and value chains that you can hold in your head.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence will play a large part in the future of clinical practice but they will be very specific rather than a generalised AI.
  • Stuff happens slowly and then all at once so you should not panic too early but also not be blasé about things rapidly changing.
  • We can predict the shape of things to help thinking but it is impossible to predict detailed pictures of the future.
  • The veterinarian of the future is a centaur = human plus machine being better than a human alone or a machine alone.
  • Veterinarians need to learn to become network facilitators of teams and clients rather than an authoritative figure with all the knowledge.
  • Veterinarians have an opportunity to be a trusted figure in the food and fibre supply chain when there is much more information available up and down the supply chain.

You can access the presentation at:

Veterinary Science, Technology and the Future

As always our presentations are designed to provide the most value to face to face audiences. Please contact us if you wish to do a run through of the presentation on line.