Paul presented to the Queensland Local Government Managers Association (LMGA) on trend conversations and foresight for strategy in Port Douglas on September 7th 2016.

The key points were:

  • A flexible and adaptive strategy is required for a complex and rapidly changing world
  • Getting as many diverse perspectives into thinking about the future is important because we are all blinded by our own perspectives.
  • Scanning wide for new ideas is vital but thinking deeply about why those ideas worked in other contexts and what can be applied to your own is critical.
  • Trend conversations based on important and uncertainty mapping is a good way to engage different perspective in your organisation.

As usual our presentations are designed to be an experience for those that attend and do not contain lots of detail (we hate bullet points on PowerPoint with a passion). If you are interested in an online meeting presentation with an overview to see if the presentation might work for your organisation then contact us and we will organise a time for an online webinar.