Foresight Based Strategy and Planning

Do your staff roll their eyes when you say it is time to re-do the strategic plan?

We talk to people all the time who are sick and tired of strategic planning in their organisation. We take a fresh approach based on really thinking through what the future might hold and allowing people plenty of time for strategic thinking before the planning part commences. Our foresight based planning operates using three basic principles:

  1. That you cannot get great strategic thinking without fully exploring what the future might bring.
  2. That to fully explore what the future might bring you need to have a mind and an organisation that is truly open to what is really happening. This can’t be achieved by using standard approaches such as SWOT analysis.
  3. That to get great strategic thinking you need to have both the time to think and the inclusion of alternate perspectives other than your own.

Therefore we work with you to look at what is happening, what might happen, and what all of that might mean for your value proposition to your customers, clients or stakeholders.

We also work with you to identify the assumptions and blind spots that are present in every organisation.We then work with you to get great strategic thinking happening.

Only then do we move to the issue of strategy – what are you going to do to achieve your goals in a way that focuses on your customers of clients?


SME and Not for Profit Strategy Mapping and Foresight – From $4,650 plus GST

This approach is tailored to the time constraints of SME businesses and consists of three 2 hour one on one sessions with one of our consultants with research work between sessions. This approach explores:

·        The purpose of your organisation.

·        The user needs of your customers

·        The user journey of your customers.

·        Mapping the value chain that supports that user journey.

·        Looking at the key points in that value chain that are likely to change in order to look at your key strategic moves to create competitive advantage.

Foresight Based Strategic Planning – $2,250 per Organisation

These group workshops are similar to the process of the one on one approach outlined above but have the additional value of learning from other forward thinking businesses. We run workshops in all Australian capital cities and can organise regional workshops if enough businesses are interested.

Foresight Based Strategic Planning

This approach uses foresight processes to widen out the possibilities that feed into your strategic planning. The approaches for this strategic planning approach will vary considerably between organisations depending on type of organisation, size, and the level of involvement you require sowe will provide a proposal and a quote within 48 hrs of our initial discussions