Web Based Strategic Challenges for Boards and Executive Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused signficant confusion for organisations of all sizes.

Paul Higgins is a veterinarian with experience in animal disease outbreaks, and exotic disease preparedness as well as an experienced futurist.

Paul can discuss what might happen, how to navigate the uncertainty, and challenge your strategic approaches.

The can be done one on one, or with boards or executive teams via Zoom based sessions.

We have prepared a summary document of the science and scenarios for the next 18th months which are regularly updated.

You can access that at:

Emergent Futures COVID -19 Scenarios

As well as subscribe to one of our small group webinars if you wish to discuss the scenarios as a starting point


Sessions start at $350 an hour plus GST for one to one consultations

More complex sessions will be priced according to the specific needs of the organisation

Discounts apply for not for profit organisations