Paul Presented to the Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants (WA) on what their customers customer might want in 2029

Key Points were:

  • Ag consultants need to concentrate on their customer’s customer in order to better serve their customer.
  • The future target customer will be wealthier and have a greater desire for information about where their Ag based products are coming from and how they are produced.
  • Changes to shopping systems will mean far more information can be supplied to customers via a range of technologies in either direct delivery systems, or changes to bricks and mortar stores. This will drive demand for information from the supply chain.
  • A range of tech is coming through for farmers. It is too early to tell which will be the most successful so farmers and their advisers need to exercise caution in adoption
  • New tech will give farmers greater capacity to see data about their production systems. This gives them three choices:

1/Provide more information to their customers

2/Use the information for productivity gains.

3/Combine the two.

  • Ag consultants can increase their services to farmers by regular monitoring for signposts of change to help their customers make these strategic decisions at the right time with the right information.