Paul Presented to the Central Highlands Development Corporation Day March 2019

“Paul’s presentation challenged the ideas and perceptions of our audience in a way that they appreciated which was exactly what we were looking for. It was a pleasure to work with him in preparing and delivering the presentation”

Sandra Hobbs

General Manager,

Central Highlands Development Corporation.

Peter Dowling receiving his prize for the best question on the day on the use of intuition

Prue Lonergan from GW3 accepting her prize for best argument on the day on regional contexts for the changes Paul was describing

The key points were:

We are at the end of the beginning of some major transformations of our lifetime in work, shopping, energy, transport and many more.

In order to take advantage of these changes and avoid some of the risks:

  1. Concentrate on controlling what you can control and ignore the rest.
  2. Better understand the strategic landscape in which you or your business stands
  3. Generate and hold in your head multiple pictures of how that might change so you can argue with yourself and business owners in your network.
  4. Understand what your key strategic decisions are and the likely timing of them and continually scan the future for signposts that tell you when those decisions need to be made and better inform the actual decision.