Paul presented to the Communities in Control Conference on What Not for Profit Organisations Need to do in Order to Better Understand the Future

Response to the presentation from Our Community who organise the conference each year:

“We at Our Community have been running conferences of thought leadership for over 1000 people for sixteen years and the presentation by Paul Higgins was mesmerising.  His command of the topic and audience was inspiring, visionary, and practical. Paul stared into the future while also being grounded in takeaways for every person in the audience.  Paul Higgins is not just highly recommended, he is a must see and must experience speaker.” 

Denis Moriarty

Group Managing Director


The key points were:

  • That those that who have opportunities in society have an obligation to give back to the community.
  • That we cannot predict the future but we can get better at thinking what might happen.
  • There is lots and lots happening – a 1 in a 100-year change of the transport system, a 1 in a 200-year change of the energy system, dissemination of artificial intelligence pushing capacity to people who did not previously have it, etc.
  • In order to improve our capacity to understand what is rushing at us, we need a framework to understand our strategic landscape.
  • That gives us the capacity to understand our why of action – where should we focus our efforts to get maximum leverage.