Paul presented to the customers(members) of PEXA (Property Exchange of Australia) on the future for their digital transactions

The key points were:

  • You are not just competing with companies in your sector, you are competing with every improved customer experience that your customers are getting from the leading companies in the digital space.
  • That PEXA is a platform business that is supplying utility-type services. Such services are characterised by lower cost, higher reliability, and easier use. This means that you can save time and money and concentrate on building value with your customer instead of worrying about all the detail that the platform takes care of.
  • That it is in the interest of customers to get more lawyers and conveyancers on to the system to that more transactions can take place on the platform.
  • That PEXA will continue to innovate their services so there will be more and more value to be gained.
  • Customers should position themselves in the early majority of adopters so that they incorporate the new opportunities as soon as the early adopters have tested and validated the services. Then they will be ready for the next change that comes along.