Paul Presented to the AMC/PIX Conference on Plant Proteins: Disruption or Hot Air?

The key points were:

  • You need to hold multiple pictures in your head and monitor for signs of change. Even if you think meat substitutes by plant proteins are just for those prepared to pay high prices you should look out for signs that is changing.
  • We are seeing signs of change. Companies are increasing their listings of plant protein substitutes on menus. Increasing numbers of tradies and body builders are looking for plant based alternatives.
  • Supply chains could be local, imported , or a combination of both.
  • There are opportunities and risks for agriculture. There are opportunities in the utilsation of waste products to feed animals. There is a risk that imported products, free of domestic cost constraints may become much more competitive in a prolonged drought.
  • Other alternatives such as cultured proteins and lab grown meat are also on the horizon.

You can access the presentation at:

Plant Proteins: Disruption or Hot Air

As always our presentations are designed to provide the most value to face to face audiences. Please contact us if you wish to do a run through of the presentation on line.

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