Paul addressed the Kingston City Council Leadership Program on Strategic Foresight in Leadership as part of their Leadership Victoria led program

The key points were:

  • We are all capable of thinking about the future but or brains evolved to respond to physical threats so we are excellent pattern recognition machines.
  • This leads to hidden biases in the way that we think about the world and how we think about the future. So we need tools and processes to deal with those problems.
  • The principles of those processes involves including as many perspectives as possible into the process of scanning for future change and analysing that scanning for ideas and innovation. They also include understanding the context of the application of any new idea.
  • Every organisation needs to treat thinking more deeply about the future as they would any other issue – what is our need, and do the activities we are undertaking and the resources we are allocating match that need?



As usual our presentations are designed to be an experience for those that attend and do not contain lots of detail (we hate bullet points on PowerPoint with a passion). If you are interested in an online meeting presentation with an overview to see if the presentation might work for your organisation then contact us and we will organise a time for an online webinar