Paul presented to the Techspo Conference (Dirt, Data and Droids) in Western Australia on he future of agriculture in 2027

The key points were:

  • There are lots of possible forward scenarios for food and agriculture. Our response that has to be building systems and strategies which are successful in all the futures we can imagine.
  • The high margin consumer of 2027 will want more and more information about their food, tied into new technology platforms like augmented reality which are now baked into systems like the new iPhone.
  • The retail food industry is likely to have a major shake-up with the advent of Amazon food retail into Australia, direct food delivery, and autonomous vehicle delivery systems changing the retail landscape.
  • Low energy sensor systems, improved telecommunications systems, more usable drone systems among many technologies will increase the level of detail at which we are able to understand our farm systems. That can both improve productivity but allow us to communicate more information to consumers.
  • We need to take a strategic national, state, industry and regional approach that pushes the technology more towards a commodity/utility approach  to make the technology easier to use, cheaper to purchase, and more applicable to Australian agriculture. This will increase the level of competition in the services offered to farmers and the rest of the supply chain, increasing levels of innovation in the sector.

As usual our presentations are designed to be an experience for those that attend and do not contain lots of detail (we hate bullet points on PowerPoint with a passion). If you are interested in an online meeting presentation with an overview to see if the presentation might work for your organisation then contact us and we will organise a time for an online webinar