Paul presented to a CEO group on Foresight for Practical Strategy as part of their monthly meeting

The key points were:

  • Foresight is a skill like any other. Organisations need to decide how much of it they should do and how they create a system to continually review scenarios and signposts of change.
  • This can be done top down with the involvement of stakeholders and staff members…OR
  • It can be done by creating an outside in process such as the one that Haier operates where strategy is pushed out to the edges of the organisation.
  • AI driven disinformation and misinformation is likely to flood the information space over the coming years. The Y has an opportunity to partner with other organisations to provide information that the general public can trust when they are exhausted in trying to sort out the truth from disinformation.
  • The future of work is one where tasks are replaced, not jobs and the machines push humans into a smaller and smaller areas of work. Highly skilled cognitive tasks, and tasks that involve emotional intelligence will be the big winners.
  • Working from home is changing communities, economic flows and volunteering opportunities as well as customer expectations of services.


On behalf of The CEO Institute, thank you for presenting to Syndicate No. 4 on
Thursday 07 March 2024. We at the Institute and our members, appreciate your time
and effort in supporting the program.
The following member comments are included for your interest:
▪ A very considered approach to formulating strategy.
▪ Fantastic presentation, entirely engaging and intelligently presented.
▪ Interesting insignhts
▪ Really creative thinking.
▪ Very thought provoking presentation.

You can view the presentation at: Foresight for Practical Strategy

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