Paul presented to the board and leadership team and stakeholders on Foresight for Practical Strategy as a lead into their team offsite meeting

The key points were:

  • All organisations are in a battle for attention and eyeballs with other events, streaming services, social media, the Sphere in Las Vegas (literally shown as a giant eyeball sometimes). Technology is part of the answer but the key thing for The Y is presenting “The Real” in a way that other technologically driven services cannot. Only use technology like Virtual Reality in ways that have a clear value proposition and are different from the increasingly rich consumer in home experiences that are being offered.
  • The political framework may change where minority governments and the influence of independents mean that all organisations have to build a whole new set of political networks.
  • Values seem to be changing with demographic change but beware a snap back to previous positions. 
  • AI driven disinformation and misinformation is likely to flood the information space over the coming years. The Y has an opportunity to partner with other organisations to provide information that the general public can trust when they are exhausted in trying to sort out the truth from disinformation.
  • The future of work is one where tasks are replaced, not jobs and the machines push humans into a smaller and smaller areas of work. Highly skilled cognitive tasks, and tasks that involve emotional intelligence will be the big winners.
  • Working from home is changing communities, economic flows and volunteering opportunities as well as customer expectations of services.

You can view the presentation at: Foresight for Practical Strategy

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