Paul presented on the future of agricultural shows

The key points were:

  • Ag shows are in a battle for attention and eyeballs with other events, streaming services, social media, the Sphere in Las Vegas (literally shown as a giant eyeball sometimes). Technology is part of the answer but the key thing for ag shows is presenting “The Real” in a way that other technologically driven serves cannot.
  • The political framework may change where minority governments and the influence of independents mean that ag societies have to build a whole new set of political networks.
  • Climate change will create risks but also opportunities. If food supply chains are more fragile and disrupted, the importance of the food supply chain will become elevated in the consumer’s mind.
  • AI driven disinformation and misinformation is likely to flood the information space over the coming years. Ag shows have an opportunity to partner with agricultural industries and responsible animal welfare and environmental groups to provide information that the general public can trust.
  • One ridiculous future: Farmers may become the rock star influencers of the future through the use of technology platforms.
You can view the presentation at: What Might the Future Bring?

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