Is a Tesla Model 3 Really Cheaper to Own than A Toyota Camry? Part 2 – Australia

It turns out there is a huge difference between owning a Tesla 3 in The USA versus Australia. The Tesla is still way more expensive to own in Australia despite lower operating costs.

Is a Tesla Model 3 Really Cheaper to Own than a Toyota Camry? Part 1 – The USA

There have been a number of articles written recently on the analysis by ARK investments on a Tesla 3 being cheaper to own on a per mile basis than a Toyota Camry. I have done a deeper dive based on a look at the model that ARK has used and also using Australian numbers to look at the application of the numbers for the Australian market

The Future of Electric Cars in Australia Part 4 – The Early Majority

This is where electric cars really go mainstream. The early majority is made up to two sub groups of purchasers

Why I can’t make any economic sense out of the Victorian Government Battery Subsidy

If I buy this battery and the government pays for half of it after 15 years I have $2,985 in my pocket but I paid $4,838 so I am still well behind. If I had to borrow the money, then I am even worse off because I have been paying interest all the way along. If instead, I put the money into my house mortgage and assume an interest rate of 4.5% then the internal rate of return is 4.28%. I now have AUD$7,885.94 in my pocket (the saved interest and the original money I have paid off my loan)

Why you must consider “overclocking” the solar inverter when installing roof panels

Extra panels to “overclock” your panels are a great investment. My overall calculations for the year are that we have made a 14.72% return on our solar system. That means that the return on the extra panels is about 25% due to the reduced capital investment required, which is not too shabby. Over 10 years that is about A$3,000 on an original investment of A$1,239.