Oil Price Spike to End – Melbourne Age, Aug 2006

This article by Paul published in the Melbourne Age 15 August 2006 outlined a plausible scenario for oil price falling to US$40 a barrel by 2009. While this came true it created quite a lot of controversy at the time with Paul offering to bet anyone $10 on the outcome. Winning bets were donated to charity.



How To Enable a Community of Passion Nov 2011 – How do we Reinvent Management

Paul was part of the initial Management Innovation Exchange Hackathon that  looked at Communities of Passion and what we can learn from them to reinvent management of organisations. This is Hackathon report from that project which involved a number of people from around the world contributing through a collaborative online process.





What is that Future Stuff all About? June 2011

Paul was asked to write on future thinking for the Australasia Pacific Extension Network. Paul’s article is on page 5 of the newsletter but there are some other fine contributions that are also well worth reading.


Apen Future Thinking Issue Enet_Vol_18_No_4




How Wrong Have Forecasts Been, The Age, 30 April 09

Paul’s article on the failure of forecasts and the folly of placing too much faith in them, published in the Melbourne Age on 30 April 2009

Why Smartphones will replace Laptops Nov 11 2009

Paul was asked to write an article for the MaaS360 small business mobility magazine in the United States. The article is on “Why Smartphones will replace Laptops and Computers”.



Yolla Cooperative Interview May 2017

An article summarising some of the issues that Paul was to talk about in his keynote address for the 40th anniversary of this successful farming cooperative and retail business.


Download: Yolla Interview

Age of Possibilities – How changes in how long we live healthy lives will affect us all

Article published in The Age on April 5th 2010 quotes Paul on why longevity should be on the long-term scanning horizon of business and government..